A Romantic Paris Wedding.

Together in Paris.

A famous line referred to in so many forms, across popular culture, media, real life, and of course the wedding industry. But why is it that today we associate Paris so closely with love and with romance; with destination weddings and with secret rendezvous ?

Paris is and probably always will be the city of love, and as such every year we see couples young and old arriving for a Paris elopement, a destination wedding in the heart of Paris, and to seek out their perfect wedding venue. Oozing beauty and magnificence both in the centre of its culture and in the intimacy of the backstreets and tree-lined parks, a romantic wedding in Paris is an entirely unique occasion which invites the couple to select the best parts of their life together and celebrate them.

When it comes to a destination wedding, the venue is so much more than just a space in which to host the event. Your venue becomes the entire experience the place where you welcome your guests, where you gather for group and intimate photos, and the place where day rolls into night as you approach the most special day of your life. It is the place where the Bride will transform herself into what she has imagined since she was a young girl, and the place where the Groom’s face will be captured in film as he first sees he walk down the aisle towards him.

Of course, Paris offers a lot more than just a beautiful backdrop in the city, and with so many destination weddings pulling us in all directions across the city and beyond, we can see why Paris is the go-to for a romantic elopement or large family celebration. Wherever in Paris you choose to wed, the culinary options available are second to none, with the Parisian hospitality leaving any happy couple safe in the knowledge that their guests will be well catered for no matter what their needs.

Likewise, the culture and tradition of the city of love shines through down every backstreet and around every corner, with every turn presenting a new opportunity to stop, smile, and stare at the views beyond. As a fan of both close up and wide angle photography, I understand that your wedding album should be a harmonious collection of shots which capture the intimacy of your union and the splendour of the love you receive from all angles encompassing your guests, their reactions and the overwhelming enjoyment, as well as the small exchanges of love and stolen moments you enjoy as a couple.

For the finer details, choose from a celebration of France’s finest natural offerings, or a nod to the grandeur of the city. Through every aspect, unite Parisian tradition with your own personal tastes, and create unique centrepieces, invitations and even bouquets which draw together your romantic history with the splendour of the location in which you choose to solidify that love. And finally, to the album itself a reminder of the great memories and more. Something that will last forever, drawing you back in to the city of love, and the time that you were “Together in Paris.