A French Chateau Wedding


French chateaux have been around for centuries; withstanding generations of French nobility and gentry; families and new renovators. Though many chateaus across France have fallen into disrepair, for the lucky few, renovations and some TLC have brought them back to life with a new energy fit for only the most spectacular of occasions.

Luckily for us, many of these chateaus open their doors to wedded bliss and celebration leading to the rise of the French chateau wedding.

Of course, for many couples looking at a French chateau wedding, they seek more than just a destination wedding in France. With a chateau, not only do you get space but also grandeur; and not only will you receive a French menu, but an authentic French experience the likes of which cannot be replicated in a modern wedding venue. After all, what better way to solidify your love than in the walls of a home built for a family, many generations ago.

And tradition and authenticity doesn’t have to mean skimping on modern amenities and luxury facilities. Through time and investment, many of the French chateaus now open for weddings offer as much glamour as they do history, with the beautiful French stonework housing a plethora of splendours within. The luxury of a Bridal suite offers the Bride and her party the glamour they deserve, while guests slowly pull up to the chateau and take the stairs; leading up to the grand front doors which open into a vast hallway. And when the day is complete  the champagne drained and the canapes wiped from the rustic French platters the chateau can be yours; filled with space for you and your guests to celebrate together and stay together the perfect end to the perfect day.

From exquisite stone structures to fairy lit hidden corners and stone covered archways, as ever the beauty of a French chateau is not merely confined to its main house. The architecture around the outskirts of any French chateau is a wonder of its own, providing the perfect backdrop to a rustic shoot where the couple can be framed by the union of tradition and new beginnings. With vast green spaces, tree lined paths and outbuildings, steal a moment away from your guests as a couple, and indulge in a few minutes to yourselves the joy of your day captured through natural and charismatic photographs.

Of course, the job of any wedding photographer is to make the very best of any backdrop and subject he is given, and for me, that means capturing the emotions of both the activity and the scenery. After all, what guest isn’t inspired by turrets and tumbling vines; by gravel paths and flower-lined driveways; and by cascading curls and an ice cold glass of champagne. Capturing the raw emotions of the day is what creates the very best wedding album, and no matter what the weather does or where the day goes, your wedding memories will be stored forever through the light and love of your wedding album.